Bulgogi came back with Menu 2021, which includes many upgraded dishes.

Dinner is served first, but we may open lunch as well within several weeks. 

Please reserve your tables and enjoy Korean BBQ.



Bulgogi, along with kimchi, is one of the best-known Korean dishes among foreigners and is commonly translated as ''Korean barbecue.''  Its origin is dated back to around one and half thousand years ago. First Korean peolpe migrated from central Asia to Korean Peninsula. In Kokuryeo, one of three kingdoms of ancient Korea, people started to cook Bulgogi by the distintive traditional recipe.

Bugogi differs from Chinese style beef dishes. With Chinese recipe, beef is grilled first and then is dipped into a sauce to eat. But beef Bulgogi, which is the most common, thin slices of meat, is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, sesame seeds and other ingredients and then is cooked on a special grill over charcoal.

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Temporary Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 5.30pm - 10pm

last order at 9:15pm