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OG Kimchi 500g

OG Kimchi 500g

SKU: 364215376135191

Item : OG KIMCHI / 500g

STYLE : Ready cut to eat


This is an authentic Korean Kimchi(Mat Kimchi style-ready cut to eat) which was made by E Choi, Head chef of Bulgogi. Woking. It has been loved by lots of her customers since 2012.


Kimchi has abundant of provboitics and is good for human's immune system. Please enjoy real Korean Kimchi for your healthy living.


Due to Summer season(between mid of May and mid of Sep.), we increase postage for ice package and Royal Mail 1st class or similar(1-2 days delivery). Please understand this for our quality control.


    Fermented Chinese nappa cabbage with chili powder


    Due to the characteristics of food, we can not offer return or refund after openning its lid. Before openning its lid, if you want to return, please contact by email first. Then we will guide you how to return.

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